Dump the stopwatch and free your friends from the boring task of timing your laps!

Motovator is a GPS-based timing system, which will calculate your lap and split times, display them to you while driving, and analyze your performance in details afterwards.

Motovator runs on a standard PocketPC with GPS, which also can be used to keep your contacts and calendar at hand, or, with software such as TomTom, work as a complete navigation system.

Motovator is mainly targeted at motorsports, but can be used by runners, bikers, skiers and basically everyone following tracks or trails during training - wishing feedback on their performance.

Riding with Motovator...
...driving you further!

Your team mate gains
0.2 seconds = 7 metres
on you in just two turns

Receive immediate feedback on the track, including split- and laptimes, comparisons to previously best times, or hunt your own shadow through a 25 min. race. Customize the screen to show one, two or three lines of colorcoded information, whenever you pass the first, last or any split, or the finish line. Divide tracks into sections - or let Motovator automatically identify the straight.

Analyze split- and laptimes in detail, including graphical comparison to best times in session, same day or ever. Ranked list of best split- and laptimes ever on same track. Calculation of perfect lap from individual best sectors, as well as best, worst and average laptime, average and maximum speed. Import or export sessions to compare yourself to others.

Replay session, lap and sections, with automatic centering of map on action or a specific lap. Auto playback in 0.1 s. increments - just sit back and enjoy the show. Zoom in on crucial parts of the track. Define custom section replays on the fly, including colorcoding of best lines from A to B. Need a bigger screen? Connect the PocketPC to your PC and do full screen analysis and replay!

Purchase and download track background images, to help visualize lines on real track, or export session to Google Earth. Add bike/car legend to put lines into real-world perspective. Load perfect laps from session, same day, ever - or a specific session. Add comparisons between laps to calculate ahead/behind both distance- and timewise.